3-6 (Kindy)


Our Kindy children are encouraged to use non-verbal and verbal communication through various forms. Artistic, musical and sensory experiences provide opportunities for non-verbal expression, as well as incorporating Augmentative Communication systems such as key-word signing into daily practice. Verbal communication is developed through group games, stories, social interactions, ‘show and tell’ activities, language games etc.

Pre-writing and reading activities are actively encouraged and your child's progress is documented and recorded , giving your child a head start in school.


The Centre runs a readiness for schools program for Preschoolers to provide your children with the essential skills and competence to assist them when starting school. This gives families the confidence that your child is provided with the best nurturing and care before they start their learning journey.

We reflect on each child’s progress and encourage feedback and open communication between families and educators to draw on home life experiences. This is an important time in your child’s life and regular communication with every parent is maintained to keep you informed about the progress of your child’s day.

Our Kindy Environment

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