Government Child Care Subsidy

Calculating your fees.

The amount you pay is determined by the amount of Child Care Benefit (CCS) you receive. The CCS is a payment that helps families with the cost of childcare. This is determined by your income and circumstances.  Centrelink pays the benefit directly to the child care service and you pay the difference.

The income thresholds set out by the government are very generous.

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Example: On an income of $70,015 or less your fee would be $24.45 for a full day with us after your CCS applied. 



We have diffeent fee schemes to suit each families needs which gives parents the Freedom to choose how you use your Child Care Subsidy

At our centre, you can choose from our nine-hour, ten-hour or full day sessions and make the most out of the Child Care Subsidy.

Please talk to our Director, Sophie to determine the fee schedule that will best suit your child's daily requirements.





Fees are payable by Direct Debit from your bank , Centrepay account or using Debit Success. One week in advance 

Childcare Subsidy Calculator

The Care for Kids website provides a useful Fees Calculator as well as

Childcare vacancy information in our city.

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2021  Fees information  (As of the 01/07/2021)

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