Enrolment process

 New families will need to provide the following information on enrolment:

  • Completed Enrolment Form (this will need to include names and contact details of additional emergency and authorised contacts)

  • Completed Fee Policy Form

  • A copy of your child’s Vaccination Details (this can be copied at the centre from your child’s blue book)

  • A copy of your Approval Assessment Letter from the Family Assistance Office (this will have your CRN’s and approval percentage recorded – if you have not yet been assessed please call the Family Assistance Office on 136 150)

  • Any relevant Medical Documents, Court Orders and/or action plans if relevant to your child (allergy info, asthma or anaphylaxis plans etc). Please note the centre will not administer any medication without a letter from a Medical Practitioner indicating the name of the child and the medication, dosage of the medication and the duration of the medication to be administered.)

  • Completed Child Profile Form (to be used in your child’s room to help settle your child into the environment).

  • In addition to this if you feel there is anything at all you believe is of importance (e.g. Additional Needs information, Speech Pathology reports,

  • Developmental Records, cultural background information etc), please bring it along during the enrolment process as it will help us to best support your child within our care environment.

Enrolment package

You are most welcome to drop in at any time of the day or if preferred, arrange a specific time/day to have your tour of our centre.

Bookings can be made on our Facebook booking calendar or by the "Book a Tour" on our Contact form

More specific information for parents is available by downloading our Enrollment and Parent Handbook packages below.

Upon your child's Enrolment a Fee of $50 per child, will be used to provide your child with a personalised bedding package including a hat and bed sheets.

Booking a tour or just drop in

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