National Quality Standard

The National Quality Standard (NQS) is a key aspect of the NQF. The NQS consists of seven quality areas, each containing standards, and elements, that children's education and care services are assessed and rated against.

The seven quality areas covered by the National Quality Standard are:


  • Educational program and practice

  • Children’s health and safety

  • Physical environment

  • Staffing arrangements

  • Relationships with children

  • Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

  • Leadership and service management

  • - See more at:    ACECQA

We have had our Assessment day and have been rated as Meeting all standards of the National Quality Framework.




To read what our Assessors said about us.

Our service is committed to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Each age group’s curriculum is displayed in their environment.


Observations of all children enrolled in our service will be documented and kept for future reference and reflection, through use of portfolios. Children’s portfolios will be available for a child’s family members to observe. Portfolios will be added to regularly by educators, families, and children and reflected upon by educators to ensure the curriculum for each child remains relevant to their interests and developmental stage.


Early Years Learning Framework

Each child’s learning will be based on their interests and strengths and guided by our educators.

Educators must work in collaboration with families to provide relevant learning experiences for each child, based on their interests and family experiences.

Every child will be equally valued and their achievements and learning celebrated.

Educators will observe and record the strengths and learning of each child.

Educators will work closely with children and families to generate ideas for the curriculum.

Learning Outcomes will be linked to the curriculum during and after each child’s learning has occurred. The curriculum must not be pre-programmed to match specific Learning Outcomes.

The curriculum will be based on the children’s interests, educators extending children’s interests, spontaneous experiences and family input.

Where appropriate, the service will liaise with external agencies and support individuals to best educate and care for children with additional needs.


EYLF Learning Outcomes

1.       Children have a strong sense of identity.

2.       Children are connected with and contribute to their world.

3.       Children have a strong sense of wellbeing.

4.       Children are confident and involved learners.

5.       Children are effective communicators.


What will your child's learning look like?  Below are two examples and Parent feed back  

“Ethan has been attending Magic Cottage full-time since he was 6 months old, and has formed some strong friendships with other children as well as the amazing educators on staff. He Is excelling developmentally and I think that is due in great part to the support and attention the staff give daily.

The centre provides a comfortable & positive environment for the kids and I think this has helped make Ethan’s recent transition from Baby to Toddler’s room so easy! He loves coming to day care every day and I would highly recommend the centre to any other parents.”




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Dear Bianca,


Thank you for your kind words, Kaitlyn has loved the Toddlers room.  She continues to talk about her friends at home and always tells me she has had a good day. 


Im very impressed with what she has learnt this year and her speech is becoming more clearer day by day.  Having no siblings or cousins at home or of close age day care and interacting with other kids her age is very important.  It also keeps me grounded about her development and learning.  Getting your feedback is very handy knowing she is exactly where she should be.


Kaitlyn will definitely miss you being in the room all the time so expect that voice yelling out HI Bianca from over the fence or out in the playground.  I also look forward to the next catch up/afternoon tea at day care. Thanks again


Judy, David and Kaitlyn